ATM Site Identification

Our ATM services start with the primary work of Site Identification. The revenue of an ATM depends on the number of transactions it generates. The bigger the better. Therefore, it is immensely crucial to identify a potential location for an ideal ATM set up. The Site Identification is a process of analysing potential locations for deployments with the process utilising our resources to walk the street and identify potential sites that have high footfall generating high amounts of transactions and contributing towards the revenue.

We source locations that are populated like gated societies, malls, market places, co-located shops, bus terminals etc and bring them into our notice for further proceedings. We look out for junction points, populated public places that can be converted into suitable ATM locations. Our expert team is highly experienced in analysing a perfect location, expanding the search horizon, reaching to rural locations and striking a fruitful negotiation with the landlords to come up with a right price for a right place. With our record of 150 franchises in Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, we have successfully ventured into many Tier I to Tier VI cities and many more still counting.

The public congeniality and transaction potentiality are some of the basic factors that help us keep an eye out for the best possible location and acquiring them for a rewarding ATM deployment.


Total Implementation Services

The setting up of an ATM is tedious and time consuming with the works of perpetual nature requiring a lot of effort in every stage. From the development to installation until maintenance, it demands supervision and undivided attention.

The TIS or Total Implementation Services wing that is specifically dedicated to the implementation of ATMs. Our team of experts hold the desired expertise in handling end to end works of implementing the site with necessary requirements and commences its running course seamlessly and effectively. The TIS team handles all the interior and exterior set up of new ATM centres with due diligence and dedication, with quality service that expand with the interior works, electrical works, air conditioning, surveillance cameras etc and we assure a thorough installation of every minute details under expert supervision.

Our scope of work includes a secured setting up of ATM through economic space design, hardware installation, interior designing, installation and periodic quality checks assuring the banks with efficient project delivery and reducing the bank’s cost of ATM installation with a substantial amount. Our level of work is unparalleled as we maintain the quality of service and products that are required for an ATM set up and maintain its running course with zero error and damage. Infraniti appoints highly talented and experienced personnel to do quality check and maintain the premises in absolute running order.

First Line Maintenance

Infraniti’s chain of services include maintenance along with site identification and site implementation. Our maintenance services include general electrical maintenance like light fittings, wire routings, replacing units, power issues and we strive to maintain the quality of our service with 24/7 support. We also cater to general cleaning and housekeeping duties like dusting, mopping, cleaning of furniture and fixtures, AC vents, vacuuming of premises, garbage disposal, cleaning of glass doors and all those activities that come under the scope of keeping the premises neat and healthy for regular business transactions.

Our First Line Maintenance is a way of conducting maintenance works that are minus any tools and fittings but are predominant in running of an ATM counter. Like fixing journal printer rolls, consumer printer rolls and cartridges. It also includes logging of ATM kiosk status and rectifying any error in it. Our qualified engineers and support staff are trained in managing an ATM and an ATM site with adequate knowledge and experience. Therefore, Infraniti brings to the table an end to end solution for successfully building an ATM centre from scratch and carries the capacity to keep it in fully operating condition with profitable viability and reduced costs.

Second Line Maintenance

Infraniti under the second line maintenance activity includes hardware repairs, replacement of parts, interior and exterior maintenance of ATM machines, taking preventive measures to keep it in proper running condition for generating a higher yield. Our certified staff and qualified engineers take this wing under their supervision to ensure if an ATM set up is done, all the hardware related activities are quality checked during installation and properly serviced from time to time resulting in zero error providing an uninterrupted flow of service to the public and the banking sector at large.

We bring services that are par excellence in quality and staff who are beyond perfection to help you sublet your property for an ATM set up in an safe and healthy environment giving you an opportunity to generate revenue and serving the purpose of financial inclusion with greater convenience.

Site Audit

ATM site audit is a compliance drive for ATM management. We have designated coordinators who pay a visit to the ATM set-ups across various regions to conduct audits on different aspects like cleanliness, transactions, physical aptness and visibility etc. The site audit is a thorough verification of compliances of ATM sites to ensure that they are revenue generating and in proper running conditions. The scope of work includes –
• Checking micro-level ATMs to see that they are complying to every necessary guidelines and SOPs.
• Any new ATM that has been set-up is maintained to the benchmark standards and also transacting in an effective manner.
• Cleanliness is very important. We have coordinators who do checks on cleanliness factors in an ATM centre and if any neglect escalates to the relevant authorities.
• The electronic surveillance, the lights, air-conditioner, ATM machine etc are also the most important factor for an ATM running and it demands a time to time checking of the issues at hand, if any and if not.
• The transaction books are also thoroughly checked to keep a tab on the transactions happening and report if any negligence and discrepancies.
Infraniti has a dedicated team at hand diligently does the site audit for the betterment of the centres and manages to resolve the issue with due care for the ATMs centres to continue running in a proper and efficient manner and revenue generation is not hampered at all.

White Label ATM Franchising

Today, India has been spreading its wings of socio economic development and progress by reaching out to people in rural areas through many inclusive activities and yojanas. Infraniti has consciously driven towards the economic development and social growth of people who are residing in tier II to tier VI cities through Hitachi WLA ATM services.

Many rural areas lack basic infrastructure for banking and ATM services hindering their daily cash demands and indirectly affecting their basic necessities of life. Most of the people in these areas use ATMs for cash withdrawal, money transfers and other monetary transactions. Infraniti plays an important role in being the key enabler in providing them with service by setting up an ATM centre in their neighbourhood with proper infrastructure and world class facilities. Infraniti sources potential sites and works towards turning them into an ATM centre with high footfall catering to the prerequisites of social and economical parameters.

With 150 ATMs franchises under our umbrella, we are targeting to reach 500 deployments in the current financial year and in cities that are reeling under tier III to tier VI. A White Label ATM helps people with cash withdrawals, money transfers, cash deposits etc. and Infraniti today stands with these cities by locating sites, implementing the ATM centre and maintaining their running conditions so that the lives of the people are least affected in any way. Our reach capability, negotiation techniques and technological adeptness has brought our service nearer to people beyond reach and thus touching and inducing their lives in a positive way.

We at Infraniti focus on bringing good times by empowering the people with basic banking services by creating franchises enabling them with fruitful opportunities and enhancing their standard of living and source of income.